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Soli Deo Gloria.

Give Thanks

From everyone in The Reformed Alliance team, Happy Thanksgiving!

That Don’t Make No Sense: Inclusivism

Inclusivism is defined as “the practice of trying to incorporate diverse or unreconciled elements into a single system.” This plays itself out in the theological realm by saying that all religions lead to Christ.

Scripture is Sufficient

Not only do people who claim to have personal revelations blaspheme God by claiming God did something that He didn't do, but they also declare that God's provision of Scripture was not sufficient.

What Sacrifice Truly Means

Sacrifice is such a big and heavy word. We as Christians should know what this word means and the impact it has more than anyone else.

Waging War

I become easily discouraged under the weight of my fight against sin, but then I'm reminded of Paul...

Does God Know the Future?

Does God know the future? This is a question of monumental proportions. It is in this question that we discover whether or not God is worthy of our worship. This idea of God’s exhaustive knowledge of all things is referred to as omniscience. 

The Beauty of Age

What do I mean by beauty? I mean a person’s being made in the image of God, shining through in different ways at different ages.

The Lord is Good

God is the source of all good, and God's goodness is for everyone to see, despite the many adversities and evils that we might witness.

The Need for Patience in Christian Life

It is very important that we mustn't get angry when time becomes an enemy or when we go through troubles and sufferings. It is in those times that we need to sit still and look to God for guidance.

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