The Unexpected Jesus

The cultural expectation of Jesus can be completely inaccurate to the Scriptural worldview and to the character of God.

Masculinity Is The Remedy, Not the Enemy

I think it’s about time we stopped treating masculinity as an enemy for our post-modern civilization, and started realizing that it is a remedy for declining morality, unhappy women, and neglected children.

A World Without Women

International Women’s Day should not be a day where women strive to prove how necessary they are, but a day that we can honor all the God-fearing women. The women who educate themselves in Scripture and who bring glory to Christ by fulfilling the roles He made for them.

The Santa Shtick

Would you tell your child that Santa Claus exists? Do you know that he doesn’t? If your answer is “Yes, I would tell my child that Santa exists,” then, like it or not, you are lying to him or her. I simply ask, how do you, Christian parent, justify this?