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James Smetanin

College student who loves the Lord and loves His Word, Reformed Baptist who holds to the 1689 London Baptist Confession, Conservative (socially, theologically, and politically), and a Minister. Soli Deo Gloria.

Why Do School Shootings Keep Happening?

If we want to be unbiased human beings, we have to recognize the faults in our modern society, and I believe that there are three faults we have committed as a nation against our youth for the past few decades.

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There Is No Love Without Christ

What better time to define the biblical view of love than a day that is believed to be completely dedicated to it?

Why Did Jesus Weep?

This question is one that has always stuck with me throughout my years of being a Christian...

Don’t Get Too Old

I think that it is important that every person retain some essence, and I believe it is important because Christ says it is important.

The Joy of Motherhood

Christians are not just to be against abortion because we think it is morally wrong, but because it goes against the Gospel!

What I’m Looking Forward to @G3

James Smetanin shares his thoughts on the upcoming G3 Conference 2018.

What Hollywood Won’t Tell You

Looking deeper into the entertainment industry has convinced me that Hollywood is not only showing immoral behavior, but promoting it.

Before You Start Your Bible Reading Plan…

I commend every believer to dedicate their time to studying this great Book, but it is all for nothing if your heart is not in the right place.

Happy New Year!

Sure a new year is coming, and yes God has been gracious enough to make all of us to make it to one more, but we must ask ourselves, above all else, how can we glorify God to the fullest abilities we have.

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