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Soli Deo Gloria.


James Smetanin

College student who loves the Lord and loves His Word, Reformed Baptist who holds to the 1689 London Baptist Confession, Conservative (socially, theologically, and politically), and a Minister. Soli Deo Gloria.

God’s Honorable Vessels

This is what amazes me: the best warriors of the Kingdom of God, are always the ones who are the most humbled by the sheer glory of God.

God’s Perfect Timing

Though it is important to remember our place in all that happened in the Reformation, and to remember how it influenced Christian theology and practice, we must make sure we don't forget about God's place in the Reformation.

Post Tenebras Lux

After darkness, light.

Misread Text: John 3:16

Some may be confused as to how this text has been misread, but hopefully I will be able to make the case, by the grace of God, as to why it is.

So Much to Learn

To be true followers of Christ, we must become dedicated students of theology under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

What We Don’t Know

We are not to know when Christ is supposed to come back; that is up to God the Father.

With All That We Are

There are many ways in which people believe we must love God, but I believe that it is only by examining what Christ has said that we can know how to love God with sincerity.

Hymns of Glory: It is Well With My Soul

The troubles of this world can't compare to the glorious love of Jesus Christ, a love which was so great that He would shed His blood for my soul.

The Reformed Alliance

A letter to everyone following, reading, and contributing to The Reformed Alliance from James Smetanin.

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