The Reformed Alliance is a blog that evaluates modern philosophies, current events, political movements and many theological viewpoints through a biblical and historical Christian perspective.

On primary issues, we believe in the following:

1) There is ONE God, but He is also three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They are all ONE God, but each person is not the other. For example, God the Father and God the Son are both God, but God the Father and God the Son are two different persons.

2) The God of the Bible is the only God and above all other “gods.” He is holy, majestic and all-powerful. Nevertheless, He is also gracious, loving and compassionate. He is righteous and He is good. He is eternal and completely sovereign over all things, and He alone possesses all authority, even over the will of man.

3) Jesus is God the Son and was truly man and truly God when He walked on the earth. He fulfilled the biblical promises and prophecies of the Old Testament such as being born of a virgin, being pierced for the transgressions of the people, even though He committed no crime, and establishing a Kingdom that would last forever, though it is a Kingdom that is not of this earth.

4) Jesus is the only way to salvation, and there is no means by which to receive salvation unless it was freely given by faith, grace and Christ alone, through the predestined grace of God the Father, the redeeming work of Jesus Christ and the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit, and with that follows the declaration that He was the substitutionary atonement for our sins, that He rose from death in three days and ascended to the throne of God above, where He pleads on behalf of sinners before His Father for the salvation of the Chosen Ones.

5) Jesus will return again in full glory and with fiery judgment to rescue His Church and to be united with Her as described in the Scriptures. He will also, once and for all, destroy his enemies, including the devil, his adversaries and the unregenerate. He will also destroy sin and establish eternity once and for all, making all things glorious once again and fulfilling the covenant that God made to redeem all of history and the universe itself.

6) The Bible is the inerrant, inspired and the perfect word of the living God; it was written through the governance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit to the apostles and prophets appointed by God. The canon of the Scriptures was also carried out through God’s determined will and the council of the Christian Church, and is limited to only 66 books, from Genesis-Revelation. No book, verse or even the smallest dot can be added or taken away from the Holy Scriptures.

Other stances include, but does not limit to, the following:

  1. Reformed Theology
  2. Covenant Theology
  3. Post-Millennialism
  4. Complementarianism
  5. Credobaptism
  6. Practical Cessationism
  7. Congregational Church Government
  8. Expository Preaching

(Not ranked by importance.)