Liberty and Justice For All

Whew… just when we thought we couldn’t get more divided! The Kavanaugh hearings were something, weren’t they? And the confirmation didn’t go so well with a lot of the country, so much so that there were protests and angry leftists who were crying over the fact that a “rapist” and “molester” is on the United States Supreme Court as an Associate Justice.

All who are objective and have reasonable judgment are able to look past the lies, the politics, and the emotional drama of course and see that an innocent man went through what Senator Lindsey Graham described as “hell.” A woman, with little to no credible evidence, made a claim, and half of the country demanded that everyone should believe her emotional testimony. The other half said that her testimony was a sham and that the #MeToo movement had gone too far, making everyone believe all claims of sexual harassment and rape. Thus became a great conflict in the country. It was not about the left vs. the right anymore, it was a conflict of male vs. female.

This was Marxism at its finest. The left was genuinely convinced that Kavanaugh was the hero of the “oppressive patriarchy” and that white men were fighting to keep control of society. It was to the point that a liberal professor at my college who marched on multiple occasions for the causes of the LGBTQ and the Feminist movement, renounced her allegiance to the Democratic party and called for students to support Kavanaugh. She had never seen what she called “such stupidity and such hatred towards men.”

I couldn’t agree more! If there’s anything that the Kavanaugh hearings taught me, it is that Neo-Marxism has gone too far. It claims to fight for equality, yet it is willing to use the arsenal of racism, sexism, and prejudice to fight against the “oppressive white patriarchy” and to bring about “diversity.” It is truly sad to me, and what’s even sadder is that this is also what divides the Church. I still have a personal conflict as to whether a Christian who embraces Neo-Marxism is a Christian at all, since the Christian worldview doesn’t allow room for racism, sexism and prejudice.

I most certainly do believe that God is just and He wants justice carried out in any given society, but God would never condone for “equality” (as defined by our post-modern society) to be achieved through any means of prejudice or other wickedness that contradicts the very heart of the Gospel. Is it not appalling that Marxism has grown to this point and has become a pillar of our post-modern culture? And the fact that organizations like The Gospel Coalition, The Acts 29 Network, and the Together 4 the Gospel Conference, all of which all used to be considered as fundamentally Reformed, are now so hard-core liberal and loosely evangelical that it makes me all the more worried about how much further the Social Justice movement might go.

The bottom line of the matter is this: God has a different form of justice. God does not just seek justice and liberty for only some skin colors, one sex, or one religion. God will make sure that every person has their justice. If people really cared about justice, they’d look to God and realize that we are all sinners who have fallen short of His glory, that we are of one race (the human race), and that man and woman were made equal but different. God seeks liberty and justice for all; I strongly believe that. However, it is not like the social justice that many people seek; it is divine justice. God’s idea of liberty is not like that of the LGBTQ or the Libertarians; it is freedom from sin.

I have assurance that Neo-Marxism will die and so will all of Satan’s ideologies and attempts to stop God’s work of the Gospel’s advance. Nevertheless, at this moment in history, we are stuck right in the middle of it. God calls us to be bold and steadfast, to be graceful and wise, to be merciful and just. We must preach the Good News while also speaking wisdom to the world. God’s justice is for all and there is potential for every person to see the liberty of God. May the all-wise and awesome God we serve remain our King. May we be reminded of this motto of the Reformation as we walk through these dark times of Satanic philosophy and a divided nation with the Gospel of Christ:

Post Tenebras Lux. After darkness, light.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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