Masculinity Is The Remedy, Not the Enemy

“Toxic masculinity.” It’s a phrase I’ve been hearing more and more frequently. It seems as if it is no longer sexist to assume that a man is harmful to societal progress. The leftist culture really seems to hate masculinity, while also desiring to have more of it (with some minor changes of course). Allow me to explain.

What was the biggest reason for the Democratic Party’s support for former Secretary Hillary Clinton when running for the presidency? Was it her accomplishments? Her devotion to her country? Her possible involvement in the capture and execution of Osama Bin Laden? No… it was because she was a woman. People argued that a woman’s nurturing qualities were what was necessary for governmental leadership, even so far as to claim that Hillary Clinton was the ideal “mother figure.”

At the same time, what was one of the most sensational movies released in the past decade for the female demographic? Was it the critically-acclaimed film Gravity which showed the heroism of a woman who was lost in space? Was it Arrival which portrayed an intelligent female character who connected with extra-terrestrials? No… it was the Magic Mike movies. Female attendance for the Magic Mike movies, according to Rolling Stone magazine, was higher than all other films of the 2010s combined! The films that featured male strippers with rock hard muscles were highly praised by female audiences.

It makes me wonder: what does the left really want? What do the secular really want? They say they don’t want masculinity but crave it at the same time. Could it be that society, at least in self-conscious way, actually groans for more masculine influences? It would sure seem to look like it.

Think about this for a second: God made man and woman. He made them both in His image and called them good (not perfect, otherwise there would be no need for Christ’s perfection). He also created a world that He called good. In this world, He placed man in dominion over everything that he named; man actually named woman, thereby giving man dominion over woman. Some people like to limit this solely to the context of marriage, but when examining it in practice… it doesn’t seem to look that way.

Now more than ever, women are free to do whatever they want. Why are there not more working women? Why are women still the minorities in higher offices, government, and executive positions? Why is that a great number of women still choose to be housewives or to work from home, to be nurses, and to be school teachers rather than seek other careers? I think it is because God extends His common grace to the world and has even secular people think, “Something doesn’t seem right about this world.”

Gallup has released thousands of polls saying that, despite the fact that women have never been more free, they have never been more depressed! Why? It is because of the fact that women are being told that the cause of all their problems throughout history was not sin or Satanic ideologies, but because of the Christian patriarchy. Because of this, women are forced to believe a lie, and this lie makes them feel that something is incorrect.

Let me be clear: there is NOTHING innately good about masculinity. NOTHING! All have sinned, that includes men and women. So, why am I claiming that it is a remedy? Because it is God’s design; if an eternal God is the one who established man as being dominant in the world He created, then it is a divine decree that transcends all generations, nations, and movements. No matter what the feminists or the counter movements will tell you, God is the one who is empowered and is worthy of it. It is He who decides who are going to be His representative leaders in the world, and in His sovereignty, He chose men to be that.

Am I saying women should be limited in society? No. But what I am saying is that as boys shouldn’t be discouraged for being boys, and men shouldn’t be discouraged for being leaders and for being the majority in high positions. If it were up to me (and I’d argue that in God’s original design), there would be only men in high public offices like U.S. Senators/Representatives, Cabinet members, and Supreme Court Judges. We need to understand that there’s a reason why God calls men to be pastors, leaders, and teachers; it is His design and His will for society.

Will we ever see a change in our society, where we come to submit to God’s ways? Only time will tell. Masculinity is not something that is righteous, but it is something that God has blessed the world with in order to have specific influence. This world needs strong hands, compassionate yet firm hearts, rugged spirits, and characteristics that would be associated with not just any man, but a godly man. Imagine all men seeking to be like the most masculine man of all: Jesus Christ. Imagine all women seeking to be in a relationship with, engaged to, or married to a man like Christ. That is what this culture is missing: godly, masculine men who will take charge and speak up for the sake of bettering the world.

Ashton Clark posted an amazing article called Satan Hates Masculinity a while back, and to this day I still believe it is necessary. We have too many feminine men, rebellious women, and confused children who don’t understand the necessity of masculinity. There are boys who shave but never grow up; there are women who feel lonely but claim they don’t need a man; there are children who want a dad but are told a single mom is enough. I think it’s about time we stopped treating masculinity as an enemy for our post-modern civilization, and started realizing that it is a remedy for declining morality, unhappy women, and neglected children.

What I write is not Scripture, but I most certainly believe it is something to think about. I only hope that this post would cause the left and the right to think critically about our current state, and most of all to bring glory to the God who created, established, and appointed masculinity.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. Problem is most men fail to understand one thing about being a man. Paul admonishes men to love their wives as Christ loved the church. That’s a big order. Very few of them make it that far in their understanding of what being a man is all about.

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