What is Truth?

Of all the questions that mankind has been asking for countless generations, this is probably the most profound of them all. As humans, we have an obsession. We are hardwired to be worshippers. Part of the reason why we innovate and create is not even because of the fact that we want to better our lives, but it’s mostly because of the fact that we always search for something to admire, and to possibly create something suitable enough for worship.

Truth and worship go hand in hand. What you worship will define what you will see as truth. For someone to say that one is truth seeker yet is not willing to take a chance on faith, is a mockery to his or her self. Even Jesus admitted this.

Now, I am not saying that truth is subjective. On the contrary, truth is absolutely objective. For something to be truth, it has to always be true in all circumstances, moments, and cultures. Do you now see why philosophers, psychologists, theologians, and practitioners of science have pondered over this question?

When truth is seen as something objective, then one is compelled to search for it with great devotion, being willing to give up absolutely everything to find it. When one realizes there is truth to be discovered and one does not have a grasp of it, the mind will fill with anguish and the heart will be penitent. When truth has been discovered, the people that find it will change their lifestyle, their manner of speech, and their outlook on life. They will even be willing to die for it. Truth is more precious than life itself; to find truth, is to find life.

All of this is what makes John 18:37 (ESV) truly compelling: “‘… For this purpose I was born and for this purpose I have come into the world — to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth listens to My voice.'” Jesus makes an incredible claim here: He is saying that truth is found in Him. All of life’s purpose, meaning, and guidance is found in His voice. Yet, look at what happens next in John 18:38 (ESV), “Pilate said to him, ‘What is truth?'” Pilate has a point; Jesus said that He was the source of truth, but, in this passage, he didn’t explain what truth was.

Jesus clearly shows us that in order for truth to be discovered, God must be the One to give it. After all, if truth was so readily available through science and one’s own reason, why would God author Scripture or send His own Son to show men the truth? Jesus is justified in saying that He is the source of all truth, but what is truth in itself?

What is truth? Jesus gives us the answer. He didn’t reveal it to Pilate, He didn’t reveal it to the Pharisees, and He didn’t reveal it to great men of the past who couldn’t find truth on their own. Here is Jesus’ answer, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.”

These three words are not chosen by coincidence. Jesus had a reason for saying these three words.

Jesus knew that to find truth, you must be on the right path. If you cannot find the way to truth, you will never find truth itself. Here, Christ reveals that ultimate truth is only found when God provides the means to find it. That is why election is so crucial; that is why we worship God for His sovereignty. Without God’s sovereign will, we are lost in the path to find truth. You can have great knowledge and intelligence without God, and even be skilled in all kinds of sciences; look at men like Plato, Nietzsche, and Hawking. However, men cannot climb up to God, unless God come down to their aid.

By saying Jesus was the only way, He is saying that He is the road to truth. This road is not an easy one. Finding truth is a strenuous and joyless task. Why else would people give up to find their temporary rest in drugs or sex? Because men don’t want to walk naked to a great Almighty God, and lay everything down to walk to Him and with Him. It is a hard path, but it is worth it, for Christ says that at the path they will find Him. Once they find Him, they find truth.

Christ has to be truth. It would make no sense if He wasn’t. He told people that He was worth giving up everything for: family, friends, comfort, vanity, and the riches of this world. God seeks for a contrite heart because He knows that a contrite heart is one that seeks for truth, and if He comes to heal them than He must be the one to give them what can take away their misery: truth. If Christ is not the source of truth and God, then no one should give Him any devotion, but if Christ is who He says He is… than that means He is absolutely worthy of all worship and our very lives.

Lastly, Jesus declares Himself to be life. If Jesus is not life, then He cannot be truth. Truth is what completes a person’s life. To have a good life, is to have one that has been lived out in truth. Truth gives life that meaning everyone searches for, that worthiness to worship that every human craves for. Christ is all of that, and even more. For Christ to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life makes Him not only the greatest man who has ever lived, but it makes Him Divine.

I urge everyone who hasn’t found truth to look to Christ. He is your only hope.

I urge everyone who has found truth to never give up. Don’t be a boxer who beats the air or a racer who runs with doubt, but a person who is sure that they have found truth.

I urge all people to value truth, marvel at its beauty, and to see how it beckons you to search for something beyond our universe and our own consciousness. Truth is not what  comes from hours of reason, but rather the very Person who gives you the ability to reason.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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