The Reason For Thy Loving Me

A reflective poem on God’s love, as He sacrificed His Son, to receive the punishment we deserved in our stead. 

Sovereign Lord, Creator of all things
The Lord of lords, and King of all kings
The eternal God that no carnal eye can see
What is the reason for Thy loving me?

For I know that it is not deserved or bought
It was sin and death after which I sought
My mind rebelled against Thy holy name
Confident in my view: life was, in my heart, my game

Even when I came to know Thou dost exist
My heart would continue to insist
That my will was free and my heart was good
That I could convince Thee, and that, yes, I would

Though I knew Thou wert real, I drifted from truth
Though I had seen Thy glory, I loved the sins of my youth
I lived in my constant state of depravity
What was the reason for Thy loving me?

If not my actions, and not my will
Which desired only devilish thrills
If not even by my own believing decree
What could’ve convinced Thee to love me?

I ask this question both day and night
Ever since my faith turned into sight
Since my heart of stone was turned to flesh
And my soul was saved from its own death

Thy mercy is incomparable and undeserved
Thy grace forgives me, though it is unearned
Thy Heavenly presence has become my treasure
And my life is now for Thy pleasure

I behold the cross, and I can’t hold my wailing
That Thou would go to great lengths to save me
Thou hast saved my heart in the midst of calamity
What is the reason for Thy loving me?

Thy wounded side, which poured blood and water
Thou wert the innocent Lamb led to the slaughter
Even with a new heart, I cannot explain
As to why Thou wouldst bare such great a pain

And all at once, a darkened sky had surrounded Thee
Behold, the Son of Man cries, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachtani?”
Thy own Son saith, “Why hast Thou forsaken me?”
What — especially then — was the reason for Thy loving me?

Thy own Son, Thou wert willing to give
So that Thy elect could eternally live
To enjoy Thy presence, and Thy Spirit’s guide
That we would be one, and share the same mind

Thy cross, Thy suffering, and Thy work of salvation
A testament to Thy love for creation
But I still wonder, and I cannot truly see
What is the reason for Thy loving me?

How I long to understand the spiritual things
And the secrets of Thy will, oh Heavenly King
All Thou hadst spoken, promised, and revealed
I submit to them all, and I now yield

But when I consider the cross, I can’t help myself
To ask that question, I am truly compelled
I know it is Thy nature, but it is too amazing to see
What is the reason for Thy loving me

Thou art loving and it is in Thy nature
Thy death on the cross proves such truth, my dear Savior
All that Thou hast said is that Thou art love
And that all that Thou art is more than enough

One day I will know the mysteries of the cross
And why Thou wert willing to bare the cost
But until we meet face to face, I will struggle to see
What is the reason for Thy loving me

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