What is Happening to Politics?

Something strange is afoot in this grand country of ours. In the United States of America, there are basically two political ideologies. These two are Leftism, or Liberalism, and Rightism, or Conservatism. These warring political structures could not be more different in our country. The Leftists are out for more governmental power whereas Conservatives strive for the shrinking of the government. Both ideologies are represented by the media. Mainstream Conservatism is depicted through FOX News and mainstream Liberalism is shown to be a part of virtually every other mainstream media outlet available to us.

Something is happening to the political landscape though. Between the two political parties lies another of growing popularity and viability. These Libertarian-esque people have taken the world by storm. Not only are they intelligent, but they also have taken over YouTube. That’s very important because YouTube is quickly replacing television in many American homes.

These libertarian YouTubers constitute what has been dubbed the “New Right”, or “New Media.” This is so because, while they agree economically, they don’t understand the inability to act that the Republican Party has. Not only are they thinking, they want to be a part of the fray and act as well.

Of course, change doesn’t always flow in one direction. While they have become more and more fiscally Conservative over the years, some of these New Media people have been pulled to the Left on social issues. For example, they are less sure about abortion being murder than their parents before them.

These people, in their search for truth, have a wide variety of views on homosexual mirage, the legalization of marijuana, abortion, transgenderism, etc. What’s interesting is that because of the forum YouTube has become for these discussions between people who are opposed to one another, it is choking mainstream media. No longer is it acceptable to build an echo chamber and screen the positions of potential guests, now viewers and creators alike demand that open engagement be had concerning these things.

Perhaps this is a good thing as it represents the death of poor reporting, biased storytelling, and shady dealing within the mainstream media. Perhaps this is a bad thing as it destabilizes and de-centralizes all of the power in the realm of politics. It’s hard to tell at this point. What we do know, however, is that YouTubers like Louder with Crowder, the Rubin Report, the Ben Shapiro show, et al, are creating a politically conservative, socially libertarian third way for American politics to go. This may just represent the reshaping of the American political landscape.

However, we recognize that Christ is King, ruling and reigning as you are reading this. Good, bad, or indifferent, we can rest in him and his government. Let’s pray that we’ve begun moving in a Christian direction, if only marginally, in politics.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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