The Joy of Motherhood

One of the greatest poets of the modern age (if not the greatest), T.S. Elliot, once said that one of the best ways to witness the flow of man’s hatred is to see a mother look upon her child in disgust, and to call that child ‘it.’ Sadly, we are going through a time where it seems that is what is taking place. Unborn children are being killed by the thousands. Modern, secular (and sometimes religious) women today find no reason in seeing children as anything more than a clump of cells. The culture, humanists, evolutionists, and the media have lied to the women of our day, and thus have created a desire to end motherhood. What is in its stead? Abortion.

Now, for years, there has been a huge debate over the subject. For the longest time, even as a Christian, I thought I had no right to speak on it because I am a man. I thought this was an issue for women. Then, I came to realize this was a moral issue, for the only way to say abortion would not be wrong would need proof that what is inside a womb is not life, when clearly it is. I still didn’t think much of it because I thought this was a matter of personal morals, and then… Jesus spoke about childbirth.

In John 16:20-22 (ESV), Jesus says this, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice. You will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will turn into joy. When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world. So also you have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.”

This passage is when it finally hit me: Christians are not just to be against abortion because we think it is morally wrong, but because it goes against the Gospel! Jesus clearly states here that He came to bring a joyful life, and a life that is free from anguish after much suffering, and He is using childbirth as an example. I am not arguing that Christ is dependent on the life of all babies for the Gospel to work, but rather that the message of pro-life can only be true if taken with the message of the Gospel.

Dr. John Piper once said, “Christ died that we might live. This is the opposite of abortion. Abortion kills so that someone might live differently.” That is the truth… isn’t it? All throughout Scripture, we see that God is not the god of death, but the God of life. In Genesis 2, it says that God breathed life into man. In Jeremiah 1, God declared to the prophet that He knows every child even before the womb (inferring every child has purpose). In John 10, Jesus declares that He comes to bring life everlasting. God is all about the life message.

So, how can God be ok with this message of death (abortion) which this modern culture is crying for? Why do people want to throw away biblical motherhood, joyful meaning to life, for silly, weak, and petty feminism? Because the message of God is not being delighted in, and the Gospel is not truly being proclaimed. We make abortion more about politics and less about the Gospel. We try to convince people through emotion, visuals, and shallow reasoning rather than the spiritual, horrific truth that this goes against everything that God is and what He stands for.

We are not pro-life because of the fact that we think babies are cute, abortion is gruesome, or because of our desire to deprive women of human rights. These are not good reasons at all. I love babies; I think they are insanely cute. There are also plenty of videos from converted abortion doctors, investigative journalists, and ex-employees from Planned Parenthood who can testify to the fact that abortions are extremely violent and horrific. To the last point, what Christian is against treating women as human beings? If you find one, rebuke him or her on the spot. All of those reasons are valid, but they should not be valid.

I am pro-life because God is pro-life. I am pro-life because I am a representative of the Gospel, and the Gospel proclaims that God gives a chance to have life everlasting to all men. I am pro-life because God desired that women would be mothers and that men would be fathers. I am pro-life because I believe that all life, despite what the media says, is more than just a clump of cells; every human being is made in the image of God and is precious in His sight because they are His. We have no right to play God with His creation, and we are to be so ashamed that our culture is trying to proclaim a Gospel of death.

This culture proclaims that the way to solve mistreatment of women is to declare abortion to be an inherent right, and to have the government ensure and protect that right. The Gospel says we solve it by hearing the message of how Jesus loved the Church for what she was (sin and all), and not by perverted rap and pop songs which encourage men to look at women, without any emotion, as throw-away sex objects.

The humanists believe that children born with deficiencies, or children who are born into poor homes, would be better off dead. The Gospel says they are to live and hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and how His love for the world was enough for Him to bleed in pain and atone for their sins (that very same world that was ready to destroy them just because of how they were born).

The evolutionists say that a human fetus is nothing but a clump of cells, and that it is merely an animal in the wild. The Gospel says that every human being is made in the image of God, and has a soul that no animal can have. God gave us an ability to read, to write, to communicate, to worship, to love, to hate, to reason, and to choose. The Gospel shouts to the evolutionist, “Don’t you dare compare man to the beast that crawls on the earth; it is the Lord who looks upon man is the crown of His creation!”

The media says that a reasonable and pretty woman would not settle for being a mother, but instead dominate in the workplace, politics, entertainment, etc. The Gospel says that the position of ‘mother’ is the most honorable, rewarding, and joyful position a woman can ever have and that no glamor magazine model could compare to the beauty of a humble, godly, resilient, and steadfast mother who would give up anything for her child. The mother teaches her children the ways of the Lord, what modest beauty is, and the example of how the Church submits to Christ from her submission to the husband.

The Gospel is not only inconsistent with the view of the culture, it is opposed to the ideals set by this culture. The message of Christ attacks the very thing this world has hope in: death. The secularists will not admit it, but their philosophy revolves around death. Christ went against the world by proclaiming life. Christ told people that they didn’t have to hope in death, but rather to hope in life. He tells mothers that in the same way there is joy to be had in children, there is joy to be had in Him. If we diminish the joy of motherhood, we diminish what Christ stood for, and we diminish the joy of the Gospel.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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