What I’m Looking Forward to @G3

The one indispensable requirement for producing godly, mature Christians is godly, mature Christians.

— Kevin DeYoung

I have been blessed to have been given a salvation from God that is joyful, inspiring, and glorious. Waking up every day knowing that God has redeemed me from the sins I will ever commit in my life and the wrath I deserved for my wickedness gives me newness of life and purpose. I have also been so blessed to know that God cared for me enough to send people in my life to strengthen me as I boldly advance to the throne of God above. When I first came to the faith, I knew very little about what the truth was, and I had many burdens for my sins. Were it not for discipleship, I wouldn’t be where I was.

Because godly people took their time to disciple me, my guilt was dealt with and my doctrine was solidified. That is why I am especially excited for this upcoming G3 Conference 2018 in Atlanta, GA. The theme will be on discipleship, and I will be going with the greatest friends I have on the planet: The Reformed Alliance team. They are fellow disciples of Christ and stewards of the Kingdom. There will be biblical preaching and great worship there as well. Overall, it will be an exciting conference.

Like Jon and Ashton before me, I will outline my reasons for looking forward to going to the conference. I will try to be specific as possible, as there are key things that are going to be especially important to me.

3) The Books

I know… it’s kind of silly, but true. I loved the fact that I could go to the G3 Conference and buy books in the bookstore at a fraction of the cost than if I were to buy the books on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble. Many of the books I bought at the last conference changed my life. There were tons of books I bought on ministry, Christian living, theology, and history. I am looking forward to finding more of those fascinating books that will also play a factor in changing the way I look at doctrine, preaching, and sanctification.

2) The Preaching

Before you accuse me of being very broad, I am not trying to be! It’s just that it’s a conference that many of my favorite preachers will be at. My hero Dr. Steve Lawson will preach the concluding sermon entitled High Theology Produces High Doxology, Dr. Paul Tripp Jr. will preach an exegetical sermon on how to disciple your children (as a future father I will need that), and discerning teacher Justin Peters will be outlining key problems within the Word of Faith/NAR movement. That kind of preaching is surely going to help me in the direction of how to be a disciple and how to disciple others. The only sad thing is that Paul Washer will not be there due to his health, but he will be missed, and hopefully, he’ll return next year.

And finally…

1) The Fellowship

As Ashton and Jon have stated, all of us at The Reformed Alliance will be attending the conference together. This is a unique moment for all of us to bond, share the goodness of Christ, and be able to meet together as best friends. Ashton Clark, our fellow writer and one of my closest brothers, lives in Louisiana. The rest of us live in Georgia (specifically in the Atlanta area). It is exciting for all of us to not be separated by distance and to have time together. I am also looking forward to seeing other friends there from out of the states, and not to mention the many Calvinists that attend G3 Conference as well. One could easily make new friends, as I did last year (Ashton Clark being one of them)! I will enjoy singing hymns with my brothers and sisters in Christ, friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and my most best friends that are closer than family to me.

January 18th-20th have been marked in my calendar since I bought my tickets. I expect nothing but great things from the conference. The Lord knows we need a conference like this to have an awakening for discipleship and to stir the love we must have for our local churches. May God lead The Reformed Alliance team as we partake in worship that magnifies the Lord, listen to exegetical messages that convict us, and be united with fellow Reformed Christians convicted to see the lost be found and the weak to be strengthened.

God bless you all. Pray for all who are attending the conference, and for the Church of Jesus Christ, that she might be edified and glorified by the will of the Almighty God.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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