What I’m Looking Forward to @G3

For months I have been looking forward to this week. G3 is right around the corner and I am so excited to fellowship, worship, and hear words of wisdom from great teachers. For me, this will be a first and all new experience. Out of all the writers on the Reformed Alliance team, I am the only one who has not gone. One year ago from now, I was just starting basic training. It wasn’t until after I got back that I started learning about the Reformed Theology that I now believe in. As soon as James told me about his experience last year, I immediately wanted to attend as well.

For these days, I will be missing out of school classes, PT with the ROTC program (I know, it makes me very sad to miss it), and half of my national guard drill. However, I believe it will be worth it all, and I have no regrets about attending. These are the three top things I will be looking forward to at G3 this year, as well as the importance of the theme of this year’s conference.

A New Experience

As I had mentioned, I will be the only writer to not have attended this in the past. While the others have at least somewhat of an expectation, I do not. I look forward to going through this new and fresh experience. I will be missing so much and will have to make up so much work because of this, but I again have no regrets about any of it. In addition to being a first timer at G3, this will also be my first conference. I will have nothing to compare this to. From what I have been told, this will be such a great and amazing experience overall.

The Worship Experience

From what I’ve heard about the worship experience, I cannot wait. Prior to believing in Reformed Theology, I only knew modern day worship songs. To me, those songs sounded great and cool. Then I was introduced to hymns, both modern and old. I started paying more attention to the words of the songs I once thought were cool. When I compare them to the Hymns, I realize the drastic differences. While the modern day typical worship song does sound cool, it does so at a cost of the depth of the content. That being said, I look forward to being able to sing hymns of great and deep content along with thousands of other brothers and sisters.

Fellowship with New and Old Friends

This week I will be able to hang out and fellowship with the entire Reformed Alliance team. Even though I see James pretty often and Karina every once in a while, I never take it for granted. I thank God for bringing them into my lives and I look forward to another three days where we can have a blast together. In addition to getting old friends together, it will also be the first time I get to meet Ashton. I have only read his posts and chatted with him a bit in a group chat, but from that alone I know he is a great guy. And so, I look forward to meeting a new friend for the first time as well as older friends once again.

The Importance of Discipleship

This year’s theme as many of you know is Knowing God, A Biblical Understanding of Discipleship. Discipleship is extremely important in Christianity as a whole. In churches, it means teaching and building up people in accordance with Scripture to be followers of Christ. In homes and families, it means parents teaching their children the same teachings that Jesus taught, and discipleship doesn’t stop there. Whether you are at work, hanging out with friends, or any other situation and place, you are a follower of Christ. You may have heard the saying; you don’t have to be in a position of authority to be a leader. If you have been a seasoned and devout Christian with a new believer as a friend or co-worker, help raise them up in the true ways that Christ taught thousands of years ago.


If you are attending the G3 Conference this week, I hope you are as excited about it as I am, and I hope you learn so much about Discipleship. If you are unable to attend this week, then I apologize for ranting on about a conference you won’t be able to attend and I hope you have a great rest of the week! Regardless, let us never forget the importance of discipleship!

Soli Deo Gloria.

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