What I’m Looking Forward To @G3

If Psalm 1 is to be believed, we must not allow our children to stand, sit or walk with those who deny biblical truth and morality.

— Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.

Ah, what a wonderful week this looks to be! I will have the distinct pleasure of attending one of the most well-known conferences in the country! This prestigious conference is called G3. The name comes from the combination of “Gospel, Grace, and Glory.” These are the pillars upon which the speakers, vendors, and attendees (hopefully) stand in our lives. Indeed, so much is my excitement for this conference that I would like to share with you what I believe will be the highlights of the event, if you’ll but allow me.

Firstly, If you’ve read my testimony, The Extra Ordinary Providence of God, then you likely know what a tremendous impact one of the keynote speakers at this conference has had on my life. Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr., in his sermon, Why I Choose to Believe the Bible, delivered one of the most succinct, coherent, and helpful defenses of the Scriptures I have ever encountered. It changed the way I viewed Christianity. One of the things I most look forward to is the opportunity to possibly enjoy Christian fellowship with Dr. Baucham and the other speakers, many of whom have likewise made positive impacts on my life.

Next, it is hard to overstate how much I treasure the friendship of James and this will afford me an all too rare opportunity to once more fellowship with him. I’m telling y’all, this guy is the real deal when it comes to a love of the truth and the Scriptures. It has been a long year since I’ve last seen him and, while we keep in regular contact, I, as Paul said in Romans 1, “…long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you— that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.” What a blessing is Christian fellowship!

The last thing of which I’ll make mention only makes sense if you understand the history of the Reformed Alliance. I started my own blog entitled Earnest Contention. Upon realizing that, while I loved writing, the upkeep of the website was too much if I wanted my readership to continue growing, I asked James if he would be willing to accept me as a writer on his blog. He graciously accepted my offer to write for him and I think it has largely turned out for the better thus far. However, upon my entering the Alliance, I was greeted by two other members named Karina, the website’s editor, and Jon, a fellow-writer. I have yet to have the privilege of meeting these two blessed souls but quite look forward to doing so over the course of this week. The Reformed Alliance, for the first time in full, is coming together!

As for the conference itself, the theme is Discipleship. While I look forward to the blessing G3 is sure to be, I cannot help but be sorrowful that such a conference is necessary. The necessity and importance of discipleship cannot and should not be overstated. The tragic side of the story is that the Visible Church is in such a terrible state that this conference is necessary. Discipleship is the backbone of the Church. If the Church is weak, it is because we are not training up young people to take up the mantle of leading the Church in the next generation. Please pray with me that this conference sparks a firestorm of zeal for the body of Christ and the building up thereof!

Soli Deo Gloria.

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