What Hollywood Won’t Tell You

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.

— William Shakespeare

My family, loved ones, and closest friends know that I love films and cinema. I am a huge cinephile and enjoy a good story. I love war, drama, and classical films especially; films that captivate me with the story, characters, and production. The reason for all of that is because I sincerely wanted to go into acting. Even after my serious conversion to Christ, I loved film so much that I wrote screenplays. I wanted to be not only an actor but also a film director. I saw Hollywood as an amazing place, and a place that could possibly be my home.

I had all the necessary requirements (other than being good looking of course), and before you ask how I would fit in: I was a social liberal until my second-semester as a high school junior. So, what changed my mind? Two things: 1) I started to wonder why there were no famed actors and directors that were Christian (and even if they claimed to be, they really weren’t), and 2) meeting someone who was in Hollywood.

It was interesting to me that I saw many reels on social media of how there were Christian celebrities, but many of them didn’t actually uphold the biblical lifestyle. I am not questioning the fact that there are celebrities who are theists, but I am questioning whether there could be Christian actors, athletes, directors, and pop-musicians. The reason for that is because of the environment. All films nominated by the Academy Awards are typically anti-Christian, the Grammy’s promotes anything but modesty, and all sports leagues are full of self-worshipping simpletons who barely passed high school.

However, what was most interesting to me is when I met a person who worked in Hollywood: Danielle Panabaker. She started out as an extra, then she had small parts in films. She worked with Disney as well as a teenager. Now, she’s on the hit show The Flash. I had the privilege of asking her what it was like working in Hollywood, and she kept talking about how tough it was. What caught my attention most was that she said that, in Hollywood, you have to “lose yourself” to become known.

That life not only sounded far from appealing, but I began to become curious with the Hollywood lifestyle. I decided to look past the well-crafted films, the lavish lifestyles, and the liberal politics to try and find what Hollywood would not blatantly say. Looking deeper into the entertainment industry has convinced me that Hollywood is not only showing immoral behavior but promoting it. I am willing to go further than that: I firmly believe that Hollywood is made up of anti-theistic people who want to see the gospel of man being proclaimed.

Think of a list of your favorite actors and actresses. Once you’ve got your list, look up their politics, their reputations, their religion, etc. Ask yourselves if these are the people you would want as your neighbors if they weren’t famous. You wouldn’t even want them near you, your children, or even in the same town you live in. Another thing to understand about Hollywood is that it is made up of frauds that masquerade as philanthropists, activists, feminists, civil rights activists, etc… but they truly don’t care about anyone.

Celebrities will promote veganism and fat-free diets, but smoke cigarettes in place of eating to shed weight. Celebrities will promote socialism and higher income taxes, but hide their wealth into foreign accounts and give very little to the poor. Celebrities will promote art and free expression, but will suppress anything that is for conservative or Christian values. Celebrities will claim to be spiritual or religious, but have no fear for God or His statutes. What Hollywood won’t tell you is that the reason they act this way is because they want to break down every moral code and create their own.

Humanism will eventually lead to the conclusion that there is no moral standard. Some celebrities even come to believe that life has no meaning, like Jim Carrey. So, when following humanist logic, the only thing left to do is to make your own moral code. If you are big enough and make your own moral code, you can enforce it. If one can have the attention of the mob, and begin enforcing the new code on them, then one can begin to normalize what once was considered evil, condemn what once was moral, and esteem one’s own self as a saint when moral law dictates one to be considered a transgressor.

These lawmakers could now betray each other in the same way the Roman senate did. This stateless government could play God and declare its worth to be worshiped without even forming a religion. The glamour and gold would compel the eyes of the idolater, and do away with any doubt or question as to the validity of the religion. This is Hollywood, and you have been lied to. This whole time, you probably thought everything was fine. The truth is that it never was because everyone was being deceived into the lie of entertainment. The minds of the masses are being taken over by the religion of Hollywood.

Its religion is unique because there is no savior, no priest, and no steeple, yet it grows and brings more followers into believing that they are the good guys. Women are obsessed with the physique of an actress, rather than God’s standards of beauty within the heart. Men lust after power and wealth, not even realizing that they are to fear God. Children are being deceived by Disney’s imaginative art and subliminal messaging, not willing to harken to the beauty in the simple gospel.

This is what Hollywood has done. It has been pretty secretive until recently. Like Israel, Hollywood realized it needed structure. It needed more than just ceremonies like the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. It needed a savior, and that savior was Oprah. It needed a cause to promote and an emissary to battle. #NoMore was the cause, and the sexually deviant were the enemy of Hollywood.

Everyone is willing to say amen and not realize that everyone in Hollywood knew about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior. Everyone knows that the most powerful figures in Hollywood get their way. In fact, everyone knows men aren’t the only ones in Hollywood who abuse their power (yes… even High Priestess Oprah has done shady things). Hollywood press had been around for fifty years, and not one reporter mentioned sexual harassment. They talked about many things, but not the abuse that was going on. So, why are we trusting Hollywood again? Why are we buying that the root of the problem (Hollywood) is now leading the fight? What happened at the 2018 Golden Globes reminded me of when Stalin told the Soviet Union in the 1940s that it would rid the world of tyranny. Ironic huh?

I am still a cinephile. I still enjoy movies. But here’s the difference between me and the godless mob: I will not let anything have power over my mind. I will not let celebrities dictate what I believe to be true, what my future wife’s roles are, and what my children’s morals should be. I mentioned before that I found it strange that there were no Christians in Hollywood. The answer is simple: you can’t serve two masters. You either choose the God of the Bible or the god of Hollywood.

They fall on their own virtue. They rise by their own praise for sex, violence, hatred, sexism, racism, etc. They reject the only God, and that God is their only hope. If you don’t believe what I say, investigate it yourself. Don’t let Hollywood fool you, and don’t be misled by their own gospel and their own religion. He deserves all praise, all glory, and all honor. His Law stands, and His will shall prevail. Hollywood will wither, and it will fade. Little do they know that our God will stand forever.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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