Happy New Year!

From all of us at The Reformed Alliance, we want to wish every single subscriber, faithful reader, and new comer to our blog the Happiest New Year!

This is an exciting time that occurs every year. A new year begins to dawn, and we remain hopeful that it will be one that we look back to as a favorite in our lives. Before anyone begins their resolutions and their plans for the year, it is good to ask if our hearts are in the right place. Sure a new year is coming, and yes God has been gracious enough to have us all make it to one more, but we must ask ourselves, above all else, how can we glorify God to the fullest abilities we have.

I look back at the year 2017, and I must say that it is my favorite year so far. It is not only because of the many good things that happened, and there were a lot. I also can say that it is not because there were few bad things because there were more conflicts, struggles, temptations, and hardships I had to face this year than any other. It was a year full of fulfillment and disappointments, love and hate, friends and enemies, faith and doubt, etc. However, I can fully say that I look back at 2017 as the year in which I can honestly say I did the best I could to glorify God with all I had.

Frank Sinatra performed a masterpiece called My Way in 1969. It became the anthem for many people. It is a song that I happen to enjoy greatly, and will even admit that it makes my list of most favorite songs of all time. However, as a Christian, I can’t ignore that all the lyrics are contrary to my worldview. The song is from the first person perspective, and the singer is very boastful about how everything he did was his way and for his own glory. My friends even told me they play it at every New Years party, and I have to admit it’s a good classic to sing. Nevertheless, I don’t want that to be the way I live.

I don’t want 2018 to be the year in which I say, “The record shows: I took the blows and did it my way.” I want 2018 to be the year in which I say, “All glory be to Christ, my King!” I want to do the same thing I strived to do in 2017: I want to leave a lasting legacy, and the only way to do that is to proclaim the Name of all names, the Lord of all lords, and the King of all kings. He is holy, everlasting, and with us. Jesus Christ is worthy of our livelihood and our attention.

This year, give back to God. I don’t know what 2017 was like for you personally. Maybe it was not a year in which you could safely say that you did it God’s way. But I have good news: God is gracious, loving, and merciful. He has given you another chance. Use it! Don’t waste yourself trying to please your body, for it will perish. Instead, use yourself in a way that glorifies God and helps His Church. Do this not because you feel guilty or think it makes you more holy, but because of the freedom you have in Christ and the joy you have in the faith.

Happy New Year, and may this year be a year for revival and awakening. May the Bible ever ring true to our ears, and our prayers remain our great treasure. May the Reformed traditions continue. May the Lord be with us. And as always, especially for this new year, 2018…

Soli Deo Gloria.

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