The Miracle of Christmas

A poem on the miracle and joy of Christmas.

There is a joyous sound on this Christmas morning
The songs and children’s laughter, truly adorning
Eggnog in hand, and having a view of the tree
Joyous celebration for as far as I can see

What loveliness, what joy that is shared
Few holidays could ever, ever be compared
What better celebration is there on this earth
Than to celebrate our dear Savior’s birth

It is easy to get lost in the traditions and fun
And the gift preparations, and holiday runs
The beauty in Christmas is not in the visuals
But it is rather in that one great Miracle

It’s not Santa and his elves that own Christmas glory
How this world tries to distract from the true story
How God, out of love, came down to sinful man
So that by His righteousness alone we would stand

Born of a virgin, Immanuel, who was God with us
The Savior of sinful men and women, Jesus
The promised Christ from old, the incarnate deity
Though just a baby to our eyes, He was of High royalty

He deserved a prince’s welcome, with the best care
He should’ve been received with thanksgiving and prayer
Oh how He deserved all that we had and even more
For He was the only begotten Son the Father adored

How many failed to see His glorious birth as great
Israel refused to look at the child that fulfilled their wait
Bethlehem would not provide a room for Mary’s labor
The Baby boy, though deserving of it, had no favor

But it all would not thwart God’s magnificent plan
No! He would not let go on His desire to save man
For He was gracious and loving, steadfast to the end
Jesus came to be our King, our Lord, our Friend

God called the shepherds of Israel to witness the light
Then called He wise men to take part in the great sight
Jesus, born King of kings and Lord of all lords
By the low and the wise, was truly adored

“Glory to God in the highest!” The angels declared
“Peace to all men!” The peace that God prepared
Salvation had come in the form of a small child
So that with the holy, just God, I could be reconciled

So, I look at my family’s happiness and laughter
I think about the celebrations that will come hereafter
I look at the Christmas tree and hear the carols
And the Christian message of the Christmas herald

I am grateful for the coming of my beloved Lord
Who brought me a gift that I could never afford
The gift of life everlasting, and a life of joy
To know a God that I glorify and I enjoy

Merry Christmas, all my beloved and dear friends
I hope you take in this poem that I have penned
May it remind you of the Miracle on this blessed day
And that you will have joy in celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

Merry Christmas!

Soli Deo Gloria.

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