The Most Wonderful Gift of All

Each year, you hear this saying all the time: It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For the majority of people, Christmas is their favorite holiday. It is one of the few holidays that is celebrated around the world in different countries and everyone has their own traditions, and whats not to love about Christmas? I mean we basically take a break from life to put up decorations, listen to wonderful music, go to hundreds of Christmas parties, drink egg nog (a personal holiday favorite that I am drinking right now in fact), and so much more. Now I know for me, the best thing of all is the birth of Jesus Christ, but I feel like a lot of people tend to look forward to the gifts more than the true meaning of Christmas.

Every year during the Christmas time, people hand out and receive gifts. For stores selling various things, its probably the most profitable time of the year. Whether you are at a Christmas party, waking up on Christmas morning, or waiting until Christmas evening, there is a good chance you’ll be receiving gifts. Just like so many people, I look forward to this part of the season. In fact, I think if you participate in exchanging gifts, you do too, and if we aren’t careful, this becomes the best thing about Christmas.

While this time of the year is supposed to be merry and joyful, it doesn’t change the fact that man is totally depraved. There is no way that we can come to Christ on our own. For us, it is not possible. The only way to be apart of the elect and to be given an inheritance is if we are called by God. It is Christ who acts as the mediator between us and God. Without Him, there wouldn’t be a way for us to be a part of the elect. That is why the birth of Jesus Christ is the most important thing about Christmas. It is He who is the most wonderful gift of all.

One tradition for me is that on Christmas Eve, our family gathers around to read about Christ’s birth. I am sure that so many other families do the same thing and I am sure so many people know the story. When I think about it, I always think of Jesus Christ Himself as the main centerpiece of the story. However, that is not all that happens. A passage in Luke tells of an angel coming down to send some shepherds out to where Jesus laid in a manger. Another passage speaks of three wise men coming to worship Jesus. Yet, at the center of it all is Jesus Christ.

A large reason as to why we exchange gifts do in fact come from the Bible. When the wise men came to where Jesus lay in a manger, they brought gifts. It reads in Matthew 2:11 (ESV); “And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped Him. Then, opening up their treasures, they offered Him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.” Notice that the very first thing they did after seeing Him was that they fell down and started worshiping Him. Only after that did they offer gifts.

When we think of Christmas and the story of Jesus Christ, we need to understand that our focus should be on Jesus Christ. Yes, it is okay to exchange gifts. However, it should never get in the way of the true meaning of Christmas. That Jesus Christ was born thousands of years ago so that He could come to be Lord, Savior, and King. It was and is His birth that is the most wonderful gift of all.

I hope that as you depart into the world, you have a wonderful and joyful time during the holidays. Regardless of your situation, remember that Christ came down to save His elect. He is truly the best thing that has happen in all of history, for all of time revolves around Him. When you receive or give gifts, whether at Christmas parties or on Christmas day, remember the most wonderful gift of all: Jesus Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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