A Poem For the Liberals

If they are not willing to hear your words, let them read your poetry.

Do you hear it liberals? The tears from a girl.
The girl who though she had dreams and a future.
The girl who wanted to help people and be a doctor.
But you wanted something to look at for your own lust.
You wanted something to laugh and point at in disgust.
You despised women who cared for the home.
You preferred to watched a girl strip from your phone.
You despised a woman with a Bible and called her a monster.
Well now the girl is in porn, the one who wanted to be a doctor.

Do you hear it sinners? The screams of the innocent.
You claim to be for justice and truth while people look,
You bash conservatives and Christians on your Facebook,
You “care” so much and are so “tolerant” to the neglected,
And yet you don’t care about the screams of the innocent.
You support the view a woman should be allowed to kill.
You claim that it is for women’s right, even still.
You neglect morality, and silent cries of the ones who were aborted.
For blood and death, you have come to be supportive.

Do you hear it sinners? The laughter of the wicked.
You wonder why there is rape in Hollywood and Congress?
You wonder why there is no more individual conscience?
You wonder why there is corporate greed and hunger?
You wonder why there are pedophiles and mass murder?
Well… what standard of morality could you possibly have,
When you don’t seem to believe in God, but only man?
All good, all life, and all love comes from Him alone,
But you reject the true God, who has clearly made Himself known.

Do you hear it sinners? The silence of your idols.
You are willing to worship anything that is lifeless or fleeting;
Gold, power, girls, vain religion, even sports teams who are competing.
There was no life or words from the Egyptian idols,
Nor were there songs from the Ancient Greek goddesses.
Yet you seem to think that you are not like them, of course not!
You are much less ignorant and much higher in thought.
You still fail to grasp, despite all your books and all your advancements,
That there is a holy God, and you have failed to keep His commandments.

This is your Gospel? One of hopelessness?
This is your Love? One of rejection?
This is your Joy? One of recklessness?
This is your Worldview? One with too many questions?
My Gospel is this: Jesus Christ coming down to man,
And living a perfect life, ready to fulfill God’s plan.
He then died on the cross, for the elect to be redeemed.
Rose again on the third day, and calls us to glory we have not dreamed.

We have all sinned, and fallen short from His glory.
I have sinned as well, and you have too no matter your story.
Oh liberals, how long till you learn that no matter how much you say,
Jesus is someone you definitely need, for He is the only Way.
You won’t get into Heaven just for being a “good” person,
For if He would let you in, His glory would be totally perverted.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ today, at this very moment.
Come, partake, and receive God’s free gift of atonement.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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