O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?

O death, where is thy sting?

O grave, where is thy victory?

This is the song we’ll sing!

This is the ode to our destiny!

It all began in a garden.

Sinlessness did abound.

Yet, man sinned and it marred him,

And he was cursed to return to the ground.

God did not leave him hopeless,

He promised a Savior who’d win.

And though man’s vision was scope-less,

He saw coming an end to all his sin.

Then came the Savior from glory!

He came to win the fight!

And though it was quite gory,

Out of the darkness burst forth light!

Death was crushed by Him

Who hung the stars and moon.

’Twasn’t too mighty for Him,

For whom the angels swoon.

We may now by grace

Enjoy the Victor’s spoils.

He indeed stood in our place,

Enduring every toil.

He fought the fight on our behalf,

Bringing to Himself the lost.

He now comforts us with his staff,

Whom He purchased at infinite cost.

Praise be to Him forever I’ll sing,

Who over all things reigneth!

And in my heart forever shall ring,

“Where is your sting, O death?”

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