Creating a Worldview: Part 2

Now we must work through the second of our four questions: what went wrong (concerning the world)? This is going to get pretty deep, but hang with me throughout. We’ve already discussed where everything came from and that means that by the end of this post we’ll be halfway done with our most basic worldview development! So let’s jump right in.

What is wrong with the world? Think carefully about this question. How would you answer? Would it be too little education? Too little money? To answer the question at hand, we have to first answer three others: 1) What is meant by “wrong”? 2) Can your worldview account for that definition? 3) Is there actually anything wrong at all?

We shall deal with these questions as they come. So, what is meant when we say wrong? At its most basic definition, we tend to think that wrong means “something that isn’t right”. This means that we have to know what is right before we can know what is wrong. So, what does right mean? When something is right, it means that is the way things are supposed to be.

Now arises that second question: can your worldview account for that definition? What I mean is this: do you have a standard by which to measure what ought and ought not be? What is your standard for saying anything is “supposed to happen”? God’s holy Word provides just such a standard for the Christian. Because I believe it to be inerrant, infallible, and perfect, I have a standard by which to measure the world. By this standard I can say that something is right, and that something is wrong. I can distinguish between what should happen and what shouldn’t be happening. The Word of God provides me with the the truest understanding of where our world is today. What is your standard?

This brings us to our third question: is there actually anything wrong at all? Is all the death around us just how things are supposed to be? Is all the destruction around us daily just the way things are? Darwinian Evolution seems to suggest that very thing, since it is pretty much a “science” (it shouldn’t even be called that) that is centered around death. Because we’re all just science experiments in this model, there is no right or wrong; there just is. That means that there is nothing wrong with the world. As most Darwinian evolutionists would tell you, all life is survival of the fittest, and that’s the way things should be. But death, rape, genocide, ethnocide, and other such things seem to suggest there is something drastically wrong with the world. Evolution not only denies clear evidence, but is a practice of willful ignorance.

So, what is wrong with the world? I agree with the Apostle Paul. Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned…“ (Romans 5:12 ESV) Adam, our federal head and representative in the garden of Eden, sinned and brought death into the world by that one act of cosmic treason. This is commonly known as “The Fall.” It is so known because humanity fell, in Adam, away from covenant communion with God. From that one act flows all the destruction we see around us in the headlines of CNN and Fox News.

I believe, based on Scripture alone, that sin is what is wrong with the world and all its inhabitants. Rebellion against God, who is Himself life, results in death and destruction. Later this week, we’ll discuss the solution for this problem. Until then…

Soli Deo Gloria!

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