I Shall See His Face

Every once in a while, I write poems to write down my thoughts or to clear my mind. It helps me get things out of the way in my life so that I can concentrate on the tasks at hand. Of course some things, no matter how hard you try, can’t escape your mind. One of those things has been the glory of God, specifically His Heavenly glory.

I always thought of Heaven as the end all to Christianity. I am even willing to bet that many people reading this post believe the same way. I lived my life hoping that I would die and then go to Heaven. However, I pondered upon this on Monday morning during my study and analyzed that idea. The idea is to die in the flesh, to come to eternal glory. I then began thinking, is there anything better than dying in life and going to Heaven’s glory, in which our reward will be given? I was surprised that I had forgotten a far better thing to be desired: to live to see Christ’s second coming!

It’s interesting that all Christians I have met couldn’t be more passionate about Heaven, and shouldn’t they be? There is no greater joy than spending eternity in the very presence of God, and praising our glorified Triune God for eternity. Not only that, we will be blessed with bodies that will no longer experience pain or disease, but I highly doubt we would even notice when we see our Savior face to face. Heaven is truly wonderful, but can there be a greater joy?

I believe that going to Heaven when Christ returns is a greater joy. Many before us have died to come to Heaven’s throne, but what if we were to desire to live till Christ would come, and by doing so we wait for Him to take us there. Now, maybe there are some Christians who won’t admit it, but I feel like the American church has not only had an unbiblical view of Christ’s return for the most part, but that also it is not desired properly.

Some desire to get rich, to live life to the fullest, to appease their sexual desire, or to get their highs from this life before their deaths, and the idea of God coming randomly is not really appealing. We tend to believe that Christ will come back once things are so bad that there’s nothing to live for, but if he’ll come back when it’s good? There once was a popular saying for a while among pop-culture which was this: “Jesus is coming! Look busy!”

Many of us would hate the idea of Christ coming back when times are good. We want to see Heaven when things are bad, and we certainly don’t want to behold glory when we have everything going our way. As I thought of these things, I began writing this poem. I realized that at the end of the day, I want Christ to come take me Home when descends from the clouds. If He decides to take me Home through death, I have no complaint. However, I would love to live to see His return, and meet my Savior that way.

As you read this poem, I hope you will agree as I say this: whether life is going good or bad, whether I am rich or poor, whether I’m single or married, whether I’m loved by man or rejected by the wold… MARANATHA! COME LORD JESUS, COME!

Here’s the poem:

I wish to see Christ in His fullest glory
Surrounded by angels at His throne
I want to be part of the fulfilled story
The story that gives praise to God alone

But why not desire to see Him in this life?
Imagine the glory of His descent from the heavens
Why not desire for Him to come before my eyes?
As He lifts me to His wonderful presence

To long for Heaven is to long for death
Strange how we don’t think it that way
We tend to take for granted the gift of breath
The Spirit pours out to us in every new day

If I must go to Heaven before His appearing, so be it.
If I must go Home when I’m finished, so be it.
If I must go to Heaven after my living, so be it.
But if I may live, oh if I may live, to see His face before my death…may it be so.

I once thought that Heaven was my greatest thought
That beautiful place where all the saints will praise
The prize of the price that the Prince of Glory bought
From that horrific place of eternal blaze

But now I have realized that I could dream far better
Why have I not discovered such a thought much sooner
A desire that I have not thought, as if held by a fetter
It is this: to see the return of my great, loving Ruler

Sermon after sermon, I’ve heard about Heaven’s gates
But what of the disciples who dreamed of His return?
What of the theologians of the past who desired it in humble state?
And yet are we so much for us to ignore this dream with spurn

No! Not I! I shall hope to see His face!
I will desire His will to be done, but I will dream!
I will pray for the outpouring of His love and grace
That I’ll see His return with glorious beam

To see His glorious coming before my death
Should be my greatest dream within my mind
Why must I do so much before my fleeting breath?
When I know that soon there will be an end to time

As I stare into the night, I can’t help but wonder
When will He return? When will the Father say, “Go!”
In life, or death, my dream shall not go asunder
I shall see His face, and it is definitely so

The glory of God beckons my heart anew
Hymns of glory echo within my mind
Each morning I wake knowing He’ll carry me through
Knowing that my dream will never fade, to see that glorious sight.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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