Over the past few of days, I have put in some thought to the controversy surrounding Mike Pence. It seems that the American society was in uproar over the comments Vice President Mike Pence had made concerning his relationship with Karen Pence, his wife. Before posting my thoughts (as I had originally intended upon hearing the backlash towards the Vice President), I wanted to make sure that I was ready to give a response that would be concise, beneficial, and also applicable. I also understand that I am an unmarried young adult who might not have the experience of the Vice President in his marriage. However so, I can’t help but have views on this matter.

Before I go on, I must point something out: I have been a great admirer of Mike Pence. Ever since the Vice Presidential Debate during the 2016 General Election, I had a great respect for him. I still believe he is an honorable and moral man. Many feminists have claimed that Pence holds a patriarchal view, but this is either completely false or highly hypocritical for Pence. Not many know about Karen Pence, but she is a hard working woman. She is the head of a charity for hospitalized children, founder of a small business, leader of a bible study, author of a published letter to the Indianapolis Star on homosexuality, and, according to Pence, the Vice President’s “most trusted advisor in the world”. Not only did I admire Pence as a governor, running mate, and Vice President, but I also admired his family and his marriage.

Pence has been outspoken of his Christian faith with one of his most famous quotes being this: “I am a Christian, conservative, and Republican, in that order.” During the Vice Presidential debate, he spoke of his conversion to Christ and how it was impossible for him to put the Bible aside in any walk of life, even politics. There are not many people like him today. Though he has offended many liberals (and strangely even “Christians” I have met) with his remarks about his pro-life view, view of separation of gender roles, and view on homosexuality, he is an honorable man. I am convinced his heart is truly bound to the Scriptures, which is why I can boldly say this: I agree with what Mike Pence’s view is on dining with another woman.

Though taken out of context, it is still controversial. The context of the statement was not about an office lunch, a job interview, or any kind of work related interaction. This statement was made concerning an unprofessional relationship (at least that is what witnesses say, if that matters anymore). Now, honestly it doesn’t matter at the end of the day to liberals. Even if he didn’t say anything that offended them, they’d still hate him just for being Pence. However, I honestly am surprised at the lack of Christians who have been supportive of his statements. There should be more Christians standing up for his philosophy on relationships with women.

Since Pence’s wife is a working mom, and he considers his wife to be “perfect in every way”, then we can safely assume that he is not against working women. The White House witnesses would agree, so then we must ask: can a man and woman have dinner alone together, without being married to each other? Unless it is before marriage, and even then it has to be a relationship that has godly leadership and support from the parents, I would say no. Unless it is some kind of absolutely necessary, work-related dinner, I will always say no.

I have had friends in the past who were of the opposite sex and I did spend time with them, texted them, and hung out with them. There’s just one catch: I was never alone with them. I don’t believe that a guy and a girl, unless married or a committed relationship leading to marriage before the Lord, can be truly best friends. They can be close friends, but they can’t be best friends in a way that a husband and wife are best friends. Why do I have this view? One girl claimed it was because I was pervert that believed women are just sex objects. That is not the case at all.

Throughout the Bible, there are hundreds of verses about lust, purity, courtship, and the marriage bed. There is a specific method under which God wants us to operate in our walk with Him. If we truly want to obey God’s word, then we must come to this startling reality: men must flee sexual temptation under any cost. Joseph ran from Potiphar’s wife when tempted by her beauty. She enticed him when they were alone, but Jospeh’s heart was bound to God’s commands. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 6:18 (ESV) saying, “Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.”

It is a fact that men and women are different. Men generally have higher levels of testosterone than woman do, which creates higher sex drives. This makes life for a man very difficult when he is commanded to stay pure before marriage. Is it impossible? Depends. Are you putting yourself in the situation to lust? If so, then it does become harder. However, if a man decides to put his trust in Christ and His word, then the strength to stay pure doesn’t come from himself, but from God. A man with God will flee from any possible situation that not only causes him to fall, but also causes him to stumble. Even a look of lust is a failure. What Pence was saying was along these lines: I want to be faithful to my wife, and I want to treasure her, so I will not dine with another woman outside of work related situations.

It still puzzles me how Bill Clinton’s behavior has not been so criticized by the media, but the marriage within the Pence family has been considered too weird (despite the fact it has lasted so long, and without any adultery…I had to say that). It baffles me how people dismissed Trump’s statements in an Access Hollywood tape as “locker room talk”, but Pence’s words are offensive and degrading. How? Because it is the culture we live in. The kind of culture where sex scenes are common, teens are downloading Tinder, and porn is highly accessible. Sexual immorality is encouraged among young men and married men alike. Even our current President has boasted on his sexual exploits, strip club ownerships, and constant adultery against his past wives.

It’s about time we have a Vice President who not only loves his wife, remains faithful to his wife, and follows Christ with his wife, but also a Vice President who does it all for the glory of God and to honor His commands. If only more men would follow the example that Pence is setting based off of Proverbs 6, Leviticus 18, and 1 Corinthians 6: flee sexual temptations, and never trust yourself.

Soli Deo Gloria.