Would Jesus Be a Republican?

The Reformed Alliance tries to steer from political debate
There are more important things I try to communicate
But it seems that Christians have lost site of what’s crucial
And thus, I speak, refusing to be neutral

People that know me, know I have my own views
I am a member of society and I have my pays and dues
I have a voice that God has given me to speak through His wisdom
And now I speak out after seeing the new “Christian vision”

Now there are things I don’t consider political
No one would if they’d be analytical
Gay marriage, pornography, and abortion
So-called “rights” attained by liberal extortion

I see many Christians’ points and take on events
But all I want to do is to offer my two cents
Don’t get me wrong, to conclusion I don’t often jump
But unlike many Christians…I’m not a fan of Trump

He’s bashing, he’s cussing, he’s slandering
Making fun of anyone whether they speak Spanish or Mandarin
He’s perverted, disgusting, and border-line sexist
All he tweets and speaks is usually offensive

One of my friends decided to ask, “What would Jesus say?”
It was a good question considering the events of today
Would Jesus be a republican? If so why?
And even if He would, would He think Trump was worth His time?

Jesus was asked a question on politics and taxes
Everyone listened as they worried for their finances
He then says, “Give to Caesar, even when all is lost…
But don’t forget to give back to God what is God’s!”

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus is watching
He looks and follows how everyone’s talking
He is concerned, no doubt, for the future of His people
For those who gather in churches and cathedrals

The Jesus described in Scriptures we read
Would rebuke America’s corruption and greed
Call America what you want: racist or great
The sins of America God surely hates

Funny, Republicans think Jesus would be on their side
That on their views, Jesus would be satisfied
Christian Democrats think Jesus sides with them
The Jesus of the Bible…BOTH parties would condemn

Is Jesus a republican? What a dumb question
People want to worship a God who follows their direction
We think that Jesus is more concerned with getting political
Concerning this view…I am very critical

Jesus could care less about the economy
Jesus could care less about foreign policy
Jesus could’ve cared less about who’d be winning
Whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

For many Christians it might as well be
That Trump is the Messiah…that’s what I see
We esteem a man in his unwavering stupidity
We mistake wisdom for folly and idiocy

“He’s a business man”, “He knows better”
While Jesus has become our cosmic debtor
“He speaks his mind, and is honest with what he says”
Yet a preacher who speaks of sin, is ignored on Sundays

So we revered Trump above Jesus
That is the folly that has become us
To vote for Trump we thought was God’s will
Instead, here’s the truth of God’s perfect will

The message of the gospel is His first concern
The souls that will be saved and other souls to burn
That is what is on His mind, not silly views
For political things He wont dare accuse

But the sin of man, is surely in His eyes
For in it’s sin, mankind will surely die
Mankind keeps proving it daily
That we keep sinning, to God…we are failing

For my sin Jesus died, not for my vote
For Republican matters Jesus didn’t come to gloat
Concerning politics, Jesus doesn’t care
He doesn’t pay his mind to the President with bad hair

Yes, we pray for our leaders
Yes, we support our governors
Yes, we submit to them humbly
But God doesn’t care about politics of one country

America is not Israel, and Israel is not the church
That is the true end to all of God’s concerns
The church is on His mind, how is it not clear
I don’t understand why for some it’s so unclear

So my answer to the question above
I will simply answer out of love
No! Jesus is not Republican or Democrat
Make no mistake about that

Jesus Christ, is concerned for His chosen
And if the chosen will respond with true devotion
You can be concerned with political position
But make no mistake, that is not Jesus’ mission

Jesus is God, the One true Word
The One who came to die for the world
His mind was on the Father and His glory above
So that though we may fear, we’d be drawn to His gospel of love 

Draw near to the Spirit, this is His desire
May He be worshiped and truly admired
Would Jesus be Republican? Here is the answer:
No! He’s more concerned with being your Master!

Soli Deo Gloria.

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