We Have Crossed the ‘White’ Line

Prior to this I published a post about Paula White and how much of a disaster it is to allow her to be a spiritual advisor to anyone, let alone to the President-elect. (Click here to read) Part of the reason I believe this is because of the fact that a mentor should never be as unrighteous as an ungodly sinner. If one was to mentor Trump in the teaching of Christ, then let it be someone who has had experience in not only ministry, but also in righteous living. If Donald Trump is to have spiritual advisors, they are to be more educated in Scripture than himself.

Nevertheless, I had hoped that Trump was not truly influenced by Paula White as much as his better mentors such as Jerry Falwell Jr., Dr. James MacDonald, and Dr. David Jeremiah. Sure enough, not only was “Pastor” (using that term loosely and unbiblically) Paula White an influence on the President-elect, but she is now the one who is to pray for the country. This is strange to me as there are far more godly people who are qualified to pray for the nation. I would’ve thought that considering the unlikely endorsement from the president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. would’ve been the one to pray for the nation. In all honesty, though I do not completely agree with the mentality of Falwell, I would much rather have him praying for the nation.

As far as “Pastor” White should be concerned, she is not supposed to be praying for this country; this country is supposed to be praying for her. She has disgraced not only her own church and ministry, but also evangelicalism in itself. She is a charlatan, a fraudster, and worst of all she is a heretic in every sense of the word. She has dishonored the biblical view of womanhood and publicly endorsed “Christian feminism” (there’s an oxymoron for you). She has thrown herself into public displays of immodest behavior and sensual deviance. Paula White shows character that is not only unfit for a minister, but also for a believer; this would beg the question to the legitimacy of her spiritual authority as she will attempt to bless the nation.

A Disgrace to Evangelicalism

The very fact that many news sources call Paula White an evangelical is beyond me. She holds no common ground with the mainline evangelical movement. She may believe that the word of God is perfect, but she doesn’t believe that it is sufficient. She may believe in the Trinitarian God of the Bible, but she blasphemes the Holy Spirit through her false miracles and misuse of the gospel. She may be a preacher and a “pastor” to a non-denominational church, but she steps outside of biblical expectation for womanhood when doing so.

I have not personally met Paula White, but I can say first hand that her sermons are enough to make me tremble with fear. In one of her sermons, she states, “God cares more about you than His glory.” Her view of God is one that diminishes His sovereignty and glory. White is a part of the Word of Faith Movement, a cult full of false teachers that scam people into believing in a false gospel, and she is one of the false teachers. She believes that if you donate money to her ministry, God will give you anything you want. Why? Because apostle Paula White says so.

It is even surprising how anyone can esteem her to any authority. She disobeys the very word of God that she attempts to bring to life to her congregation. Though the Bible teaches that marriage should be between one man and one woman, Paula White (like Donald Trump) has had two divorces. Though the Bible says to not commit adultery, she has been accused of multiple affairs with men old enough to be her sons. Though the Bible makes it clear that women are not called to be pastors and elders in the church, she directly disobeys the texts, and she even publishes books declaring that Paul was just sexist. This is a person that changes the text according to her own standards, rather than changing her own standards according to the text.

Her sermons contain little to no biblical exegesis, her books spit out more heresy than a Jehovah’s Witness bible study, and the manner in which she carries out ministry should be no less than embarrassing to anyone who associates with her. Her obsession with being an emergent has clouded her thinking when it comes to sound doctrine and biblical theology. Just like any Word of Faith teacher, White brings shame to the evangelical movement just for being associated with it.

A Disgrace to the Nation

There are many pastors who I have disagreed with and I have had long discussions (sometimes debates) on certain matters concerning differences, but I could confidently say that many of them were gracious and very humble. Many of the pastors I have met are simple people who have looked past the pleasures of the world to find the glory and beauty of Christ. The greatest leaders of the faith that I have met were not gluttonous eaters, wasteful spenders, or even selfishly adorned. Rather they would be content with home cooked meals, clothes that were not from the mall, and a modest presence.

As I looked at pastors that blessed me throughout my life like my pastor as of now (God bless you Pastor Alex Karaninskiy) and the ones I had in the past (God bless you Pastor Yuri Markov and Pastor Vasiliy Radchuk), I always saw men who feared God and feared men. One could look at their life and marvel at their simplicity and their wonderful friendship. Sadly, when I look at Paula White I don’t see a pastor. I see a person who just stepped out of a beauty shop magazine.

White adorns herself with expensive jewelry, wears top dollar clothing, and has personal makeup artists and hairdressers so she could step outside of her house. Her ministry has confirmed in the past that Paula White has hired beauty experts as part of the church staff. What ever happened to the idea that a minister is not a celebrity, but a servant of God? I am not saying Paula White should become John the Baptist (living in the desert, clothes from camel skin, and eat honey and locusts), but she should maintain dignified modesty as an example for women, let alone ministers.

One could say that this manner of thinking is purely subjective, but what about the affairs that some men have claimed to have (and which White’s ministry has dealt with quietly)? What about the overwhelming evidence that she indeed had an affair with Benny Hinn? When she testified to her church about her second divorce, White had told her congregation that the reporters that say she had an affair with anyone are just “hindering God’s work”, but that doesn’t answer why there is a picture of her and Benny Hinn holding hands at a French café, even though she was supposedly traveling for ministry. There were also several other sitings of her and Benny Hinn at Italy, both of which were going through a divorce at the time. Many people, including myself, believe she had an affair with not only young men, but also televangelist Benny Hinn.

If these allegations were brought about a Baptist minister, the Southern Baptist Convention would ask the minister to step down. If these allegations were brought up about a Reformed minister, the Reformed community would rebuke him in tweets, sermons, and blogs even before the press would release the story. Thankfully, Paula White sides with the Word of Faith movement who claim they are apostles and prophets anointed by God, therefore they are not to be questioned.

Paula White was even at one point invited to the Today Show, and two anchors described her as “the sexiest pastor ever”. Tabloid magazines print gossip stories of her and paparazzi stalk her for photos as if she is some celebrity. This is not a pastor, and this kind of behavior is honestly disgraceful to the nation. She should rise above the morality of most people in the United States. Instead, she indulges in the same worldly pleasures as many secular individuals would.

Paula White is someone that is not worthy of respect as a minister. Personally, I not only think that she should step down, but also be completely forgotten. She should not be invited to any conferences or any speaking events until she begins to learn to be a disciple of Christ herself. Before she prays for the nation, the nation should pray for her. How is someone with her character supposed to bless our sinful, broken nation? She is in unrepented sin herself.

I believe that the United States is a country that needs to be prayed for and has a great need for a revival such as the Great Awakening. However, it shouldn’t be done through a person who has no understanding about the God whom we are to worship. Even Jonah repented before preaching the message of repentance to the Ninevites.

Soli Deo Gloria.


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