There is great debate concerning the meaning of the millennium as mentioned in Revelation 20:4 (ESV): “…reigned with Christ for a thousand years.” There have been three major interpretations of this verse pertaining to how literal the 1000-year reign is.

When I first began to become interested in biblical studies I had perceived that eschatology was not up for debate. I assumed that most Christians, at least evangelical Christians, understood the millennium to be literal and that God’s plan of redemption was solely for Israel, but with the inclusion of the Church (basically I was a premillennial dispensationalist). However, I was surprised to find out that many sermons preached, books written, and professors teaching two perspectives that I had not even heard of: postmillenialism and amillennialism.

As it turns out, there are many who question how literal the figure mentioned in Revelation 20:4 is. Is it possible the 1000 years mentioned in the apocalyptic book is non-literal (the view many of my heroes held such as Calvin, Edwards, and Sproul) or is the 1000-year reign is described to be literal (the view that many of my other heroes held such as Spurgeon, Piper, and MacArthur).

So now the following blog series will focus on three major views of the millennial kingdom of Christ, and just what it meant to the believers that lived in all cultures, nations, and times:

  • Premillennialism: Monday
  • Postmillenialism: Wednesday
  • Amillenialism: Friday

Hopefully, this series will answer many of the questions that are left ignored and will inspire us as believers to search for the truth in the text.

Soli Deo Gloria.