Paula White: A “Spiritual Mentor” to Trump

When I first heard that Paula White was one of the people that happened to be one of Donald Trump’s spiritual mentors, I thought it was a just another rumor that began from comedy websites like The Onion or The Babylon Bee. I was surprised to find that it was not a comedic rumor, but indeed a reported fact according to sources such as Christianity Today, Politico, and Christian Post. What first started as a far-fetched joke, had started to turn into a grave matter of importance.

Now, I love the fact that Trump has a board of spiritual advisors made of Christian ministers. Some of the people on that list are Dr. David Jeremiah, Jerry Falwell Jr., Ronnie Floyd, and many other great ministers of God who are worthy of respect. However, some names on the list gave me chills as to who is qualified to disciple our next president, and give to teach him the scriptures. Paula White happens to be one of those names.

This is shocking to me because I think that one of the least qualified people to mentor Trump is Paula White for the fact that she is well known for the wrong reasons in the Christian leadership community. God’s word is clear on certain issues that Paula White has ignored or directly disobeyed. Now any pastor is susceptible to criticism on minor issues, but when it comes to White…she has a lot of skeletons in her closet. For the reasons that follow, I don’t think Paula White should be a mentor to Trump.

  • White has a lack of moral character.

Maybe one of the reasons why White and Trump can connect so well is that they both went through divorces and are on their third attempt. In all seriousness, White’s divorces were very public and all over every tabloid in the United States. These divorces were not due to sexual unfaithfulness in the marriage (which a case could be made in Trump’s sake, except the blame would be on Trump), but rather it was over what one of her ex-husband’s, Randy White, described “an issue of money and power”.  White has been very famous for her multi-million dollar home, her limousine entrances to her church, and the inability to wear anything cheaper than Versace.

With the fact that her marriage life, exploitative character, and celebrity-style lifestyle is no better than Donald Trump’s, how in the world could there be any credibility behind anything she tries to say to Trump? This is the person who is supposed to make a disciple of Christ out of Trump, which is a great honor and a significant responsibility. A person who doesn’t live out a good moral character taught in scripture should not have any authority to teach it.

  • White is a heretic.

Part of the reason why she fails to live up to Christian character is her failure to teach the scripture in context and the message that Jesus taught. She is fervent teacher of the Word of Faith movement (also known as prosperity gospel) which in essence degrades the work of the Triune God.

On the subject of the atonement, she has denied the orthodox of substitutionary atonement and the doctrine of imputed righteousness. Instead, she states that Christ’s hands were nailed on the cross “to restore dominion to the works of your hands”. Also, she teaches that Christ’s righteousness is not imputed into us, but rather Christ “opens our eyes to the good within us”. Both of her teachings strongly contradict scriptures such as 2 Cor. 5:21, Rom. 4:25, 1 John 4:10, etc.

On the subject of God’s deity, she is a strong teacher of the idea that Kenneth Hagin introduced called “Little Messiah” theology that teaches that we can aspire to literally become like Christ. In essence, we can attain the divinity, working of miracles, and dominion of the earth in common man because we are now the true sons and daughters of God, since Paula White declares “Jesus Christ is not the Son of God. I am the Son of God.”

  • White doesn’t live out biblical womanhood.

White is publicly known as an icon for Christian feminists (there’s an oxymoron) for breaking barriers for being a woman pastor. Even if her character, morals, and biblical orthodoxy was up to par, what does the scripture say about women in eldership or overseeing offices of the church?  1 Corinthians 14:34 (ESV) says, “The women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says.”

I am not against women. I love women and I am glad when they serve in the church and in ministry under scriptural guidelines. It is clear in scripture that God declares to be of infinite worth and God encourages women to be active in their church, to be educated, and to be mentors. Look at women like Priscilla, Deborah, and Mary Magdalene who were honored in their bible for their great service, but these women were also glorified for their submission and obedience to God and His word as Paul clearly demonstrates in the text. God expects women obedient to His, just as God demands from men to do the same and that we should not abuse this word from God for selfish gain.

White directly ignores the scriptures that clearly demonstrate the roles that God has assigned to men and women. God didn’t inspire the writer to say this because of sexist ideology, but because it is the natural order that God has set. Before Paula White had even begun to speak on the pulpit, she disobeyed God’s word and rebelled against His natural order the moment she applied for pastoral ministry and stepped foot on the pulpit for the purpose of teaching the scriptures. The worst part: she’s not even teaching the bible correctly and she’s not even a good pastor.

For these reasons, Paula White should be “repealed and replaced” as far as the Spiritual Advisory Board is concerned. Her qualifications of being a mentor to Trump and the validity of her pastoral ministry should be questioned, for refusing to teach the orthodox faith taught by the apostles and Church fathers. I think that is time that Trump should be mentored by godly pastors who live out their lives for the purpose of teaching what is written in the scriptures and showing Him the true nature of God and what God expects from Trump as a leader.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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