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The Ten Commandments Movie Review

Rating: 10/10

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Called to Duty: Leadership

While the value of leadership is not exactly one of the army values, I do feel like it wraps up this series pretty well.

What I Fear

Like Paul, I fear what is occurring among people who claim to be Christians, and those who are regular attendees of local churches...

Called to Duty: Personal Courage

Personal courage is a very important value to not only soldiers, but to Christians as well.

The Open Door to Open Theism

Take Calvinism to it's logical conclusion: God foreknew everything, and He is sovereign over all things. Take Arminianism to it's logical conclusion: God has no idea what's going on, and He is just riding this out and seeing how it goes.

Misread Text: Matthew 21:22

Those who follow God don't follow ambition, and they certainly wouldn't believe that prosperity of any kind is the ultimate goal.

Called to Duty: Integrity

Being called by God to a life of integrity is about adhering to His principles.

Satan Hates Masculinity

God cursed woman in the Garden, not only with painful child-birth, but also with a desire for control over men. Satan intends to capitalize on this. (read Genesis 3:16)

Called to Duty: Honor

To live with honor is to live up to values that Christ has shown and taught us.

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