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How Do I Know I’m Saved?

We don't examine our salvation through our doubts, but our convictions.

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You Cannot Defend What You Don’t Know

The reason why people are unable to give a proper defense for their faith in God is because they never came to know God in the first place.

College Christianity

During these long four or so years of college, we are tempted to do things that we would have never thought would happen. Based off what I have seen, there are three prominent groups of college Christians who react in an environment such as this.

Liberty and Justice For All

I most certainly do believe that God is just and He wants justice carried out in any given society, but God would never condone for “equality” (as defined by our post-modern society) to be achieved through any means of prejudice or other wickedness that contradict the very heart of the Gospel.

Caught Up in Work

While some may believe that it is better to have a busy life, I think it's far better and more honorable to God to have a productive life.

A Nation Transformed By Tragedy

The American people had a moment where God became necessary and national pride was not an option.

Why I Will Never Be Catholic

There is one specific thing that is keeping me back from becoming a Roman Catholic, and it has been an ongoing problem since the days of its formation in Nicaea.

Masculinity Is The Remedy, Not the Enemy

I think it's about time we stopped treating masculinity as an enemy for our post-modern civilization, and started realizing that it is a remedy for declining morality, unhappy women, and neglected children.

A Hidden Beauty

Beauty has nothing to do with the physical; it is something that comes from within a person's heart

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