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Soli Deo Gloria.

Hymns of Glory: In Christ Alone

Stuart Townsend and Keith Getty loved the Scriptures and sound doctrine. Together, the men decided to write a song that was truly unique.

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Fulfill Your Ministry

I don't believe that God wants lethargic Christians; He wants believers that are willing to work our their faith and to embrace a calling that God gives each individual who believes in Him.

The Prize of Friendship

I can't tell you why God made us so dependent on one another. I can only tell you that once you receive Christ and the grace of God, you will see the prize of friendship.

The Word of the Lord Endures Forever

I believe that the reason why the word of the Lord endures forever is because it is the primary means of grace.

What is Truth?

Truth is more precious than life itself; to find truth, is to find life.

The Valley of Vision

I am truly grateful that God has taught me the value of humiliation, desolation, and brokenness.

The Reason For Thy Loving Me

A reflective poem on God's love, as He sacrificed His Son, to receive the punishment we deserved in our stead.

The Triumphant, Peace-bringing King

When Christ enters Jerusalem, he is boldly proclaiming, “My hour has come.” What a marvelous thing for Christians to ponder.

Whatcha Gonna Do?

If the FBI will come knocking at your door to take away your guns, what are you gonna? What does God want you to do?

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